Electric Shaver Men's Six In One Electric Razor Multi Function Beard Knife

Color: Black
Electrical outlet: USB
Sale price$81.25 USD


Product information:

Product name: LK-5853 multifunctional electric shaver;
Type of cutter head: floating 5D cutter head;
Charging time: 2 hours;
Use time: 90 minutes;
Voltage power: 5W, 100-240V
Packing size: 20*19.5*9.3cm;
Full body washing, LCD power display
Power supply mode: charging/power dual-use
Shaver charging time: 2 hours
Maximum power: 5W
Motor type: brush motor
Motor speed: 5000~10000
Is there a floating structure: Yes
Shell technology: ABS

Size information:
Packing size: 105*87*66mm

Packing list :
Product accessories: body + 5D shaving head + barber head + nose hair head + massage head + cleansing device + English manual + limit comb *3 (3, 5, 7mm) + cleaning brush + USB charging cable + Knife Head protection cover.

Product picture:

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